What is the Wrap ? If we had to describe it in one single word, we'd probably say something like "the best innovation in underwear since we decided to wear some".  Yeah. that's a bit more than a word but trust us, it's worth a longer description !

Boxer brief or boxer shorts : that is the question ! Strong support (but sometimes too tight) versus "too much freedom" in a classic cut… it's always impossible to figure out which underwear will fit you all day, bringing you absolute comfort !

To solve that, Dagobear is introducing the "Wrap" boxer shorts.

It's a classic pair of American cut boxer shors, with double stitching on the back... and a twist : a soft cotton supporting piece in front. 

It's a win win : the look and freedom of boxer shorts.. with the comfort of boxer briefs.

Still don't get it? Here's a picture to make you feel like « What’s the Wrap » (Convinced? Get them now!) :


Wrap - Caleçon avec support